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age1 funds breakthrough longevity companies addressing the core challenges of the field

age1 helps contrarian founders build generational biotech companies

age1 is building a pragmatic, rigorous, and optimistic longevity community

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The transition from sickcare to healthcare will be one of the most transformative milestones in the history of human medicine. We are on the brink of revolutionizing global healthcare systems by no longer treating individual age-related diseases as they happen but rather extending healthy lifespan and preventing the onset of age-related disease. Read our vision.

Exceptional founders in the US and around the globe developing therapeutics, tools, and technologies targeting aging and age-related disease that will help extend healthy lifespan. However, this is a broad bucket and some of the best longevity companies initially do not appear as such.

Our expertise is the earliest-stage possible, typically before any money has been raised. Angel round, pre-seed, seed, series A, whatever your terminology is, we make the most impact early-on. We are also well-capitalized to support our portfolio companies through later rounds.

We write checks anywhere from $500,000 to $4M. The exact number depends on round dynamics.

We prefer to lead to guarantee our founders as friendly of terms as possible. We’re also open to following on.

No, we are interested in meeting exceptional founders at the earliest stage possible, even before an idea.

The Longevity Fund accomplished its original mission: put longevity biotech on the map. The AGE1 accelerator Laura created in 2018 was an experiment to test a new investment thesis. Although a 3-month accelerator program was too short of a timeframe for a biotech company, the ambitious and pragmatic founders focused on longevity moonshots changed our perception of what was possible. The experiment worked. We feel strongly that a next-generation fund with more founder resources is required to accelerate the longevity paradigm shift we are on the precipice of. Welcome to age1. No longer a 3-month accelerator, age1 is a firm custom-built to invest in and support contrarian founders extending healthy lifespan.


The #1 bottleneck to increasing longevity is talentexplore open positions